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About Seniors, Inc. | About The Senior Center

About Seniors, Inc.

What there is to tell is far exceeded by the energy and active contribution of the many individuals, young and old alike, who have taken what was a mere figment of a concept to the stage of an active and full-blown process that will result in a new facility geared to seniors. A place where they can meet and pass on their knowledge, experience and skills to help others, as well as themselves, continue to grow in all aspects of their lives.

During the spring 2002 a group of interested seniors approached the City of Santa Rosa to discuss mutually beneficial interests in replacing the current Santa Rosa Senior Center with a new facility that would provide adequate and modern facilities designed to meet the current and future needs of the senior population living within our geographical area.

Since our early beginnings the City has unanimously supported our Mission by modifying the General Plan to include a specific location at the Finley Center at the corner of Stony Point/Marlow Roads and College Avenue on which the new center will be built. Additionally, they have agreed to accept this new building, paid for by community donations, as a gift from Seniors, Inc. and to provide ongoing staffing and maintenance of the facility.

At this time, Seniors, Inc. is actively raising funds to complete the final phase (phase three) of the new Senior Wing at Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa. Previous funding for Phase 1 & 2 came from private donations, park development fees, and corporate sponsors.

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Board of Directors  (Click for names and bios)


Kelley Magnuson
Marc Richardson
Larry Simons
Joan Woodard

About The Senior Center
In December of 2004, Santa Rosa’s City Council Resolution Number 26146 passed and Seniors, Inc. signed an agreement with Simons & Brecht to act as the design and construction management firm for the new senior wing project. Prior to the passage of the Resolution, Mr. Larry Simons, a well known local architect, committed to donate $500,000 from the Larry & Gudrun Simons Fund to Seniors, Inc. to fund the creation needed to complete the senior wing addition to the Finley Center and to fund the retention of a construction management firm.

Below you will find various photos of the project, comments about the people involved and various descriptive thoughts and statements to help you get the feel for the magnitude of this effort. Also available for viewing and printing are the following:

  • Seniors, Inc. Progress & Architectural Plans

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